This page consist of The utilities we will have and upcoming utilities

Black Box future utilities

Building New innovative utility, will be the main aim for Blackbox. Any other utility that already co exists in the crypto decentralised space, my team can build it, i have no issue of getting utilities, for the project, whether its a MetaVerse, NFT's, Staking, Farming, swap, and our very own Wallet.

Everything can be built but will take Time so for this reason i ask the community to stay positive and hold the floor.

Black Box will try to innovate new utilities never seen before and aim to get a Venture capital investment, which will help the projects as a whole.

Black Box Incubator - Service Utility

What is a incubator? essentially in Business Terms incubators provide start-ups and early-stage businesses with the support and resources those young companies find difficult to access.

So in CRYPTO terms, we Help projects do there Pre Launch Marketing, fill there presale using our network, ambassadors, we will use our resources to help up and coming Low tax projects we will ensure they are Safe for our community/Investor.

This is our utility and we will build this ecosystem to its fullest potential i am to get our own Kyc, platform, and partner with a Audit company so our incubator will have the capability to 100% ensure the project is SAFU although our partner Pinksale will take them through rigorous assessment to kyc we will double KYC projects.

Fore more information how this benefits the black box Holders please check the 'Black box incubator section'.

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