Black Box Incubator

Details about the Black Box Incubator

Black Box Incubation Ecosystem

Black Box is an Incubator. We give safe, low-tax projects a kick-start in raising their presale and launching. We do this by providing exposure via our network of Ambassadors and our Pinksale partner.

Every incubated project pays us transactional tax, via a 0.5-1% fee incorporated into their smart contract. This is used to further development, scale-up operations into Black Box.

We will have our own KYC/ partners to implement this into our ecosystem, we will do all the due diligence, asses every project that apply for our incubation. We asses whether the Project/concept/Utility is good enough for our community of investors.

How to get a Whitelist/ and or find out about incubated projects

Black Box Incubation - VIP programme

We Have setup a Black Box incubation private paid VIP Telegram, for serious investors that will get Guaranteed WL spots for Black Box Incubated projects The number of Members will be small, capped, and will be Very exclusive, also other Perks which will be disclosed in the VIP chat itself.

The VIP group will be private and paid a subscription, therefore creating a small revenue stream for Black Box, although it would be a small revenue stream it still will go into the development for the Black Box incubation ecosystem.

FOR THE VIP SERVICE PLEASE DM - - For more information

Black Box Token - Holders

Black Box holders will benefit the from the Incubated projects, The holders will Get a chance to get a WL spot, any stealth's Incubated will be announced in the announcement channel.

We will drastically reduce the amount of tokens held to be a Whitelist spot for the incubated projects, How will it work moving Forward, we will have 50 Holders Whitelisted from our holders List on BSC scan, we will raffle meaning we will import the holders that have the right token amount (XX amount ), we will have it randomized from our holders list to win the Whitelist for the incubated future projects. - The New token amount will be announced in our Telegram so keep on eye out for the announcement, Its fair for small holders to get a Chance to win a whitelist spot, this is a fair way moving forward. We will also have a staking Platform those that stake tokens will also get a chance to win a Whitelist spot we will pick up to 100 wallets that are staking there tokens -

The tokens amount staked or needed to be whitelisted will be announced - This is a fair way for everyone Moving forward. The total of 150 to 200 wallets would be picked to be whitelisted for projects, depending on the scope the project we may add more.

Top Wallet Holders

For the top holders we will give a benefit that no other project is doing for Every Incubated project that launches, The Top 20 Holders will get a (0.1) airdrop. This is a thank you to the Whales holding the Floor and for any new whales that enter.

The ecosystem will continue to grow and will continue to update.

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