This page is the introduction to the project.
Think stable-coin pairing. Think 0 tax. Think Community. Think Experience. This is Black Box.
By pairing with a stable-coin ( BUSD ) investors need not worry about market sentiment or manipulation. Whether Bull or Bear season, the value will remain true to the pegged price of BUSD.
Lets face it, getting taxed can be off-putting, no tax gives you the investor more profit, gaining more gains, Having 0 tax will always attract investors therefore bring Volume. No Hidden Fees, 0.5-2% slippage meaning your transactions will not get front run by snipers or bots. Tokenonmics sometimes create issues when listing on exchanges that fact that were a 0 tax token that would be no issue.
As your CEO, i will work hard to gain members on our social channels, my aim of this project will be grow as a community, build utility as we grow. Just because the project will have 0 tax does not mean we will not have marketing in place, Marketing is a form to gain members we will have to work as a community to grow and my aim will to grow our socials, once we have a good amount of Followers, on our social sites i will push to get a venture capital investment to push the project into building utility, Hiring new staff, opening a office, and continue to build in the decentralised space.

Yours sincerely Hisakee CEO.

Last modified 1yr ago